Terms and Conditions

Thank you for inquiring about my guide plan!
We sincerely hope that you will have a rich time in nature. Please read the following information regarding the guide service. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before clicking the “Confirm & Accept” button, And then, You will be redirected to the “Guide Plan application form”

■Reserve / Guide plan flow

Inquiry from customer

Please confirm the Terms and Conditions
and submit the guide plan application form

Please pay your guide fee (by bank transfer.)
Reservation is completed.

Guide will send you your guide plan sheet.

Departure – Return
Payment after the plan (need to be reimbursed for transfers, rentals, etc.)

■About this content

  • Guiding services may be denied if the guide deems the information provided on the application form (application form) to be inappropriate.
  • Your personal information will be used only for the purpose of providing a safe guided tour, and will not be disclosed or transferred to any third party without your permission. However, we may communicate the contents of this document when necessary for hospital or insurance purposes.

■Guide Fees

  • The standard guiding basic daily fee is 30,000 yen for a one-day plan, 35,000 yen for a one-day plan with overnight stay in the mountains, and 22,000 yen per day for a nature walk request plan, each with an additional 5,000 yen per day for each additional member. The fee for waiting for weather, reserve day, and restraints due to transportation will be about 22,000 yen per day. Consumption tax will be added to the above. Guide fees may vary depending on the mountain range and time of year. Porter services, surveys, outsourcing, etc. will be quoted on an individual basis.
  • Depending on the mountain range and location (e.g. Horoshiri-dake), other expenses may be required in addition to the basic daily guiding fee. Other expenses mainly include travel expenses for guides, accommodation, and facility usage fees, which are calculated by dividing the number of participants by the number of participants. The guide fee also includes domestic accident insurance. Please note that the contents of this insurance are different from those of mountain insurance with a risk compensation rider.
  • I will inform you of the guide fee at the stage of inquiry for the guide plan. To reserve a guide plan, please agree to the Terms of Use and submit the application form (or return the application form). Your reservation will be completed upon receipt of the application form and payment of the guide fee.
  • At the stage of completing the reservation, we will go through preparatory work such as securing the guide’s schedule, obtaining domestic travel insurance, and purchasing supplies. Therefore, a cancellation fee of 20% of the guide fee will be charged in the event of schedule changes, cancellations, or cancellations after the reservation has been completed.

■Cancel and discontinuance policy

  • I reserve the right to cancel the tour due to inclement weather, road conditions, animal threats, or other factors. Please understand that this is a safety decision due to the nature of the activity.
    In the event of cancellation due to the above factors or for your own convenience, the following cancellation fees will apply.
8 days before the plan  20%
8 days to 4 days before the plan  30%
3 days to 1 days before the plan  50%
Day of the plan 100%

※The guide will make a decision on whether or not the tour will be held on the day of the tour. However, please refer to the following guidelines in the event that the tour is cancelled.

  • When a special warning, advisory, or possible warning level is issued by the weather forecast for heavy rain, flooding, storms, lightning, etc.
  • When the continuous rainfall forecast based on the weather forecast is likely to exceed the estimated rainfall to close the approach forest road.
  • If the road is closed and you cannot reach the trailhead.
  • When hiking is prohibited due to force majeure factors such as the appearance of brown bears or increased volcanic activity.
  • If any of the above events can occur during the plan.

■About the open plan event

  • If you wish, you can invite other participants to join you and share the plan as an “open plan”.
  • The guide fee and expenses will be split between the number of participants.
    The open plan will be announced on our website. (The guide will be able to provide you with the following information (mountain range, route, number of people, age, gender, etc.).
  • The guide will match you with a companion according to your walking speed, meeting schedule, and preferences.
  • However, if you cancel your reservation at any time after it has been made, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the 50% share of the total number of participants.
  • If no one shows up, the tour will be conducted as a regular plan.

■Insurance Policy

  • Customers who do not have mountain insurance are advised to purchase Chubb General Insurance Company’s domestic accident insurance (policy contents: PB, death and disability 5 million yen, hospitalization 6,000 yen per day, hospital visit 3,000 yen, liability 50 million yen, rescuer’s expenses 1.96 million yen, personal effects 50,000 yen, co-payment 3,000 yen per accident, premium 548 (Tel: 0120-071-313), or H.S. General Insurance’s domestic travel insurance (policy contents: TC, death and disability due to injury 5 million yen, hospitalization 5,000 yen per day, hospital visit 1,500 yen per day, surgery 50,000 yen, liability 30 million yen, rescuer’s expense 2 million yen, premium 400 yen per day, (TEL: 0570-200543), and for nature walks and other customers, Rakuten Travel Assist by Rakuten Insurance (death and disability: 2 million yen, hospitalization: 2,000 yen per day, surgery: 20,000 yen during hospitalization and 10,000 yen thereafter, rescue expenses: 1.2 million yen, premium: 100 yen per day, TEL: 0120-849-019; for claims: 0120-849-019), (Tel: 0120-849-019, 0120-120-555 when making a claim). For detailed terms and conditions and insurance claims, please contact your insurance company. (However, only residents of Japan and those between the ages of 18 and 80 are eligible for this insurance. (Those who are not eligible will be changed to another company’s insurance policy as appropriate.)
  • We are unable to provide insurance for customers residing overseas. Please prepare your own if necessary.

■Accidents, Distress, and Emergencies

  • In the event of an accident, distress, or other emergency, we will make every effort to take the best possible measures, including calling the police for rescue, but we may not be able to provide prompt rescue or adequate treatment due to factors such as communication and weather conditions.
  • In order to ensure prompt rescue and search in the event of an accident, distress, or other emergency, please be sure to give a copy of your guide plan to your family, especially your emergency contact person, to ensure that they can contact you.
  • Mountain rescue in Hokkaido is performed by either local government disaster prevention helicopters or Self-Defense Forces helicopters. There is no charge for either service. Hokkaido Police helicopters are dispatched from Sapporo (Okadama Airport) or Obihiro.

■Clothing & Equipment

  • For the summer guided nature walks, comfortable clothing and shoes (e.g., sneakers) are acceptable. Jeans, short sleeves, and short pants are not appropriate due to concerns about insect bites and plant rashes.
  • For the winter guided nature walks, you will need clothing that can be layered to regulate your body temperature and outerwear that can protect you from the wind. Underwear made of synthetic fibers or wool, fleece mid-wear, and outerwear such as Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable top and bottom, or rainwear are best suited for this purpose. Ski wear can also be used as an outer layer. In addition to the above, moderate warm clothing (e.g., lightweight down), a hat that covers the ears, and a balaclava are recommended.
  • The equipment for the guided mountaineering plans will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the guide according to the mountain range and itinerary.
  • If you do not have any equipment, please feel free to contact us for rental services.
  • One of the most common problems seen with equipment is that the soles of mountaineering shoes come off. This is caused by deterioration of the glue on the outsole, but please be sure to check your climbing shoes carefully before departure.
  • Hokkaido’s mountainous regions are characterized by extremely large temperature differences from day to night and season to season. Long sleeves and long pants are required even in summer. Please be sure to bring warm clothing such as a lightweight down jacket.
  • In order to protect the environment in the mountains, please use portable toilets, both large and small.
  • When using trekking poles in summer, please wear a cap to protect the vegetation on the trail.

■Pick-up and Drop-off

  • As a Hokkaido Governor-approved operator under the Hokkaido Outdoor Excellence Program, we are able to provide pick-up and drop-off services free of charge to our customers. However, the range of pick-up and drop-off is limited to the nearest lodging, bus stop, train station, or other public transportation to the experience location.
  • If the pick-up or drop-off is longer due to traffic or poor connections, the actual cost of gasoline expenses will be charged.
  • I will not provide transportation to and from extremely remote areas or outside of the guided plan (e.g., to and from the trailhead of the next mountain trip, to and from a companion who is not participating in the guided plan, etc.).


  • The guides does not able to arrange or mediate reservations for accommodations or transportation in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency Law.
  • In the event of damage or defacement of the rental gear, the customer will be responsible for the full repair cost of the gear in question, or half of the acquisition cost if the gear cannot be repaired.
  • Once the guided tour plan has been implemented, there will be no change in the guide fee in the event of cancellation due to inclement weather or other unavoidable reasons, or in the event of a change to an alternative plan.
  • If the guided tour is scheduled for multiple days, cancellations after the first day of the tour will be subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the guided tour fee.


  • Please be aware that outdoor activities are sports that involve significant risks and that 100% safety is not possible and involves potential risks.
  • Please refrain from acting on your own initiative and always follow the instructions of the guide.
  • If you feel unwell, please inform your guide immediately.
  • The tour may be cancelled due to inclement weather, animal threats, or other factors. Please understand that this is a safety decision.
  • Please be sure to inform me if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, seizure symptoms, regular use of medications, allergies to bee venom, or other allergies or health problems.
  • Please do not litter or step off the trail, and make every effort to preserve the natural environment.
  • Please take care of your vehicle and valuables yourself.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide a guide if we deem the plan to be unfeasible due to inadequate equipment or health conditions of the client.
  • Please recognize this form as a risk notice and understand and comply with it.